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Title:Dynamical coherence and intrinsic ergodicity for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms isotopic to Anosov
Seminar:Center for Dynamics and Geometry Seminars
Speaker:Todd Fisher, Brigham Young University
We discuss partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms that are isotopic to a hyperbolic toral automorphism and contained in a connected component. If the splitting of the partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism satisfies certain dimensional constraints, then we show the diffeomorphism is dynamically coherent. We then prove that if the center direction is one dimensional, then the topological entropy is locally constant and there is a unique measure of maximal entropy. This is joint work with Rafael Potrie and Martin Sambarino.

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Room Number:MB114
Date:04 / 22 / 2013
Time:03:35pm - 04:35pm