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Title:Symplectic homology and the Kunneth formula
Seminar:Symplectic Topology Seminar
Speaker:David Hurtubise, Penn State University, Altoona
Abstract Link:http://
In this talk I will review in detail the definition of symplectic homology for manifolds with restricted contact type boundary and the map c^*:FH^*(M) --> H^{2m}(M,\partial M) which is at the heart of the algebraic Weinstein conjecture. I will then discuss the Kunneth formula in Floer homology due to Oancea and applications of the Kunneth formula to the strong algebraic Weinstein conjecture.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:367 Willard
Date:03 / 23 / 2012
Time:02:30am - 03:45am