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Title:Gale-Stewart games and Blackwell games
Seminar:Logic Seminar
Speaker:Daisuke Ikegami, University of California, Berkeley
Starting from the determinacy of Chess by Zermelo, the theory of determinacy of games with perfect information has been developed exclusively. Among those games, Gale-Stewart games are general infinite games which have applications to set theory, model theory, and theoretical computer science. Apart from that, the research in games with imperfect information has started in game theory since von Neumann's minimax theorem, and Blackwell games are one of the few infinite games with imperfect information which are tractable to discuss their determinacy. In this talk, we discuss the connection between the determinacy of Gale-Stewart games and that of Blackwell games. Our main result is that assuming the Axiom of Dependent Choice, the axiom of determinacy of Blackwell games with reals is equivalent to that of Gale-Stewart games with reals. This is joint work with W. Hugh Woodin.

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Room Number:MB315
Date:11 / 06 / 2012
Time:02:30pm - 03:45pm