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Title:Smooth rigidity of higher rank abelian actions
Seminar:Job Candidate Talk
Speaker:Boris Kalinin
Hyperbolic actions of Z^k and R^k arise naturally in algebraic and geometric context. Algebraic examples include actions by commuting automorphisms of tori or nilmanifolds and, more generally, affine and homogeneous actions on cosets of Lie groups. In contrast to hyperbolic actions of Z and R, i.e. Anosov diffeomorphisms and flows, higher rank actions exhibit remarkable rigidity properties. In this talk I will concentrate on the problem of smooth classification. It is conjectured that irreducible smooth hyperbolic actions of Z^k and R^k, k>1, on compact manifolds are smoothly conjugate to algebraic actions. I will give an overview of this area and discuss recent progress.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB114
Date:01 / 13 / 2012
Time:12:15am - 01:15am