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Title:Latency analysis for a tandem of queues with exponentially distributed service times
Seminar:Seminar on Probability and its Application
Speaker:Jinho Baik, University of Michigan
When a customer arrives in a tandem of queues, this person joins a queue at the first server. After being served, this person proceeds to the next server and joins a queue there, and so on. Now suppose that all the queues were empty and a batch of N customers arrive at the first queue. How long does it take for the Nth customer to exit from the queue M? When M and N are large, does one or two slow servers matter in the asymptotics? We discuss this question and connection to random matrix theory. This is a joint work with Raj Rao (UM EECS).

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Room Number:MB106
Date:02 / 10 / 2012
Time:02:20pm - 03:20pm