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Title:Poisson limit for two-dimensional toral automorphisms driven by a continued fraction
Seminar:Seminar on Probability and its Application
Speaker:Mikhail Gordin, POMI, St. Petersburg
We consider a sequence of hyperbolic automorphisms of the two-dimensional torus produced from a pair of irrational real numbers via their continued fraction expansions. We will sketch the proof of a Pitskel-type Poisson limit theorem for such a sequence. Powers of a single automorphism present an example of a sequence of this kind, but power sequences constitute only a countable subset of the continual set of such sequences. A construction (due to Jens Markloff) of sequences of such type against a geodesic on the upper halfplane and a fundamental domain for the action of SL(2,Z) will be explained. Approach to other probabilistic results and possible generalizaions will be briefly discussed.

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Room Number:MB106
Date:04 / 13 / 2012
Time:02:20pm - 03:20pm