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Title:One mathematician's journey in the complex world and what really matters
Seminar:SIAM Student Chapter Seminar
Speaker:Assistant Professor, Maria Emelianenko, Department of Mathematical Sciences, George Mason University
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In this informal talk I plan to discuss some of my current research directions and give my personal perspective on life, work and career choices after graduating from Penn State. My path has taken me from studying predator-prey models in Moscow to developing numerical methods for Voronoi diagrams and phase diagram calculation at Penn State and analyzing microstructure evolution equation at Carnegie Mellon. Currently on tenure-track at George Mason, I find myself applying all these skills and mastering new concepts as I tackle a wide range of applications, from biology to materials science and chemistry, with the help of my mostly hard-working students and collaborators. I am also constantly working on my time management skills and trying to achieve work-life balance - the work in progress I will be happy to report on. The talk should be relevant to graduate students and early career researchers.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB106
Date:05 / 16 / 2011
Time:10:30am - 12:00pm