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Title:Intervene or Not? A game theory approach examining infectious disease policy response as a function of government involvement and individual investment
Seminar:SIAM Student Chapter Seminar
Speaker:Jing Li, Department of Mathematics, Penn State University
This work formulates a population game to explore how the mechanisms of public health interventions interact with contextual processes and individual preferences to impact the health commons. We specifically examine a case of infectious disease management with elementary epidemiology and without demographic dynamics. We identify three basic modes of interaction for public health intervention mechanisms involving the government and individuals and describe how these interactions relate to policy resistance responses by the public. We also provide general bounds on the performance of individual investment in self-protection at equilibrium. The methods we present can be extended to address specific policy problems where public responses are expected to be key feedbacks.

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Room Number:MB113
Date:03 / 31 / 2011
Time:05:00pm - 06:15pm