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Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card (Pcard) is a VISA credit card issued through the department. The card provides a fast easy way to purchase items such as computer equipment, books, etc. If you do not have a Pcard please see other purchases.

Acquiring a Pcard

  • Get Financial Office approval.
  • Go to the Pcard website for policies and procedures.
  • Read tutorial and take the quiz.
  • Once quiz is passed p-card will be issued.

Using the Pcard

Complete the Purchasing Card Reconciliation Form and attach the receipt. Sign both and turn into Financial Office. Group meals and travel will go through ERS (Employee Reimbursement Systems); no reconciliation form is needed in this case.

  • Pcard is tax exempt. Please remind vendor when using it.
  • Your card will be suspended if the receipt is not turned in within 30 days of the purchase date. If this is a recurring instance the card will be cancelled.
  • There is a $2,000 per transaction limit on each card. An order cannot be split into two transactions to circumvent the system.