Reprints of Some Previous Work

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    2. A. Belmonte, B. Martin, and W. I. Goldburg,
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    4. A. Belmonte, W. I. Goldburg, H. Kellay, M. Rutgers, B. Martin, and X-L. Wu,
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      Physics of Fluids 11, 1196-1200 (1999).  PDF file (238 KB)

    6. A. Belmonte, H. Eisenberg, and E. Moses ,
    7. "From Flutter to Tumble: Inertial Drag and Froude Similarity in Falling Paper"
      Physical Review Letters 81, 345-348 (1998).  PDF file (1.1 MB)

    8. J.-M. Flesselles, A. Belmonte and V. Gáspár ,
    9. "Dispersion Relation for Waves in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction"
      J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Transactions 94, 851-856 (1998).  PDF file (163 KB)

    10. A. Belmonte, Q. Ouyang and J.-M. Flesselles,
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      Journal de Physique II (France) 7, 1425-1468, (1997).  PDF file (1.0 MB)

    12. A. Belmonte, J.-M. Flesselles, and Q. Ouyang,
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    16. A. Belmonte and A. Libchaber,
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      Physical Review E 53, 4893-4898 (1996).  PDF file

    18. A. Belmonte, A. Tilgner, and A. Libchaber,
    19. "Temperature and velocity boundary layers in turbulent convection"
      Physical Review E 50, 269-279 (1994).  PDF file (978 KB)

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