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      "Words in proximity to one another take on another meaning"

        - John Ashbery (1927-2017)
    Ripping Fluid   
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    64.   Z. Niroobakhsh and A. Belmonte, Dynamics of a reactive micellar oil-water interface in a flowing liquid column.  Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 261, 111-122 (2018)  pdf

    63.   G. Young and A. Belmonte, Explicit probability of fixation formula for mutual competitors in a stochastic population model under competitive trade-offs.   arXiv:1809.06917 (September 2018)  pdf

    62.   Meng Zhao, Xiaofan Li, Wenjun Ying, A. Belmonte, J. Lowengrub, and Shuwang Li, Computation of a shrinking interface in a Hele-Shaw cell.   SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 40, B1206-B1228 (2018)  pdf

    61.   Z. Niroobakhsh, J. A. LaNasa, A. Belmonte, and R. J. Hickey, Rapid Stabilization of Immiscible Fluids using Nanostructured Interfaces via Surfactant Association.   (preprint, September 2018)

    60.   G. Young and A. Belmonte, Fast cheater migration stabilizes coexistence in a public goods dilemma on networks.  Theoretical Population Biology 121, 12-25 (2018)  pdf

    59.   R. deForest and A. Belmonte, A game-theoretic mechanism for aggregation and dispersal of interacting populations.   arXiv:1803.05855 (March 2018)  pdf

    58.   A. Erez, R. Vogel, A. Mugler, A. Belmonte, and G. Altan-Bonnet, Modeling of cytometry data in logarithmic space: when is a bimodal distribution not bimodal?   (bioRxiv preprint)   -> to appear in Cytometry Part A  pdf

    57.   S. Rajtmajer, A. Squicciarini, J. M. Such, J. Semonsen, and A. Belmonte, An Ultimatum Game Model for the Evolution of Privacy in Jointly Managed Content, in GameSec2017: International Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (2017, Springer, pp. 112-130)  link

    56.   Z. Niroobakhsh, M. Litman*, and A. Belmonte, Flow instabilities due to the interfacial formation of surfactant / fatty acid material in a Hele-Shaw cell.  Physical Review E 96, 053102[1--6] (2017)  pdf

    55.   C. Griffin and A. Belmonte, Cyclic public goods games: Compensated coexistence among mutual cheaters stabilized by optimized penalty taxation.  Physical Review E 95, 052309[1--12] (2017)  pdf

    54.   Qiuju Xu, A. Belmonte, R. deForest, Chun Liu, and Zhong Tan, Strong solutions and instability for the fitness gradient system in evolutionary games between two populations.  Journal of Differential Equations 262, 4021-4051 (2017)  pdf

    53.   C. Griffin, S. Rajtmajer, A. Squicciarini, and A. Belmonte, Consensus and information cascades in game-theoretic imitation dynamics with static and dynamic network topologies.   (preprint, September 2016)

    52.   G. B. Ermentrout, C. Griffin, and A. Belmonte, Transition matrix model for evolutionary game dynamics.  Physical Review E 93, 032138[1--10] (2016)  pdf

    51.   Meng Zhao, A. Belmonte, Shuwang Li, Xiaofan Li, and J. Lowengrub, Nonlinear simulations of elastic fingering in a Hele-Shaw cell.  Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 307, 394-407 (2016)  pdf

    50.   R. deForest and A. Belmonte, Spatial pattern dynamics due to the fitness gradient flux in evolutionary games.  Physical Review E 87, 062138[1--6] (2013)  pdf

    49.   Andong He, J. S. Lowengrub, and A. Belmonte, Modeling an elastic fingering instability in a reactive Hele-Shaw flow.  SIAM J Applied Math 72 , 842-856 (2012)  pdf

    48.   J. Alpern, C. Marone, D. Elsworth, A. Belmonte, and P. Connelly, Exploring the physicochemical processes that govern hydraulic fracture through laboratory experiments.   American Rock Mechanics Association, USRMS, 12-678 (2012)  pdf

    47.   Andong He and A. Belmonte, Inertial effects on viscous fingering in the complex plane.  Journal of Fluid Mechanics 668 , 436-445 (2011)  pdf

    46.   J.-L. Thiffeault and A. Belmonte, Hydraulic jumps on an incline.   arXiv:1009.0083 (Sept 2010)  pdf

    45.   Andong He and A. Belmonte, Deformation of a liquid surface due to an impinging gas jet: A conformal mapping approach.  Physics of Fluids 22, 042103 (2010)  pdf

    44.   J. C. Bird, W. D. Ristenpart, A. Belmonte, and H. A. Stone, Critical Angle for Electrically Driven Coalescence of Two Conical Droplets.  Physical Review Letters 103, 164502 (2009)  pdf

    43.   E. Soto and A. Belmonte, Bubble surface texture and pulsation due to balloon bursting in different liquids.  Physics of Fluids 21, 091112 (2009)  pdf   - Winning entry,   2009 Gallery of Fluid Motion  

    42.   W. D. Ristenpart, J. C. Bird, A. Belmonte, F. Dollar*, and H. A. Stone, Non-coalescence of oppositely charged drops.  Nature 461, 377-380 (2009)  pdf   (see also Nature's   News and Views (17 September 2009)  , Nature News, and Supplemental information)

    41.   L. Courbin, J. C. Bird, A. Belmonte, and H. A. Stone, "Black hole" nucleation in a splash of milk.  Physics of Fluids 20, 091106 (2008)  pdf   - Winning entry,   2008 Gallery of Fluid Motion  

    40.   M. Higley and A. Belmonte, Fragment distributions for brittle rods with patterned breaking probabilities.  Physica A 387, 6897-6912 (2008)  pdf

    39.   A. Belmonte, The tangled web of self-tying knots.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104, 17243-17244 (2007)  pdf

    38.   T. Grumstrup and A. Belmonte, Elastic splash of two Newtonian liquids.  Physics of Fluids 19, 091109 (2007)  pdf    - Winning entry,   2007 Gallery of Fluid Motion  

    37.   T. Grumstrup, J. B. Keller, and A. Belmonte, Cavity ripples observed during the impact of solid objects into liquids.  Physical Review Letters 99, 114502 (2007)  pdf

    36.   J. R. Gladden and A. Belmonte, Motion of a viscoelastic micellar fluid around a cylinder: flow and fracture.  Physical Review Letters 98, 224501 (2007)  pdf

    35.   T. Podgorski, M. C. Sostarecz, S. Zorman, and A. Belmonte, Fingering instabilities of a reactive micellar interface.  Physical Review E 76, 016202[1--6] (2007)  pdf

    34.   B. Akers* and A. Belmonte, Impact dynamics of a solid sphere falling into a viscoelastic micellar fluid.  Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 135, 97-108 (2006)  pdf

    33.   L. B. Smolka and A. Belmonte, Charge screening effects on filament dynamics in xanthan gum solutions.  Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 137, 103-109 (2006)  pdf

    32.   J. R. Gladden, N. Z. Handzy, A. Belmonte, and E. Villermaux, Dynamic buckling and fragmentation in brittle rods.  Physical Review Letters 94, 35503 (2005)  pdf

    31.   A. Belmonte, Knot dynamics in a driven hanging chain: experimental results.  (preprint version)  pdf
         Chapter 4 in Physical and Numerical Models in Knot Theory, Series on Knots and Everything Vol. 36, (World Scientific, 2005).

    30.   L. B. Smolka, A. Belmonte, D. M. Henderson, and T. P. Witelski, Exact solution for the extensional flow of a viscoelastic filament.  European Journal of Applied Mathematics 15, 679-712 (2004)  pdf

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    26.   M. C. Sostarecz and A. Belmonte, Motion and shape of a viscoelastic drop falling through a viscous fluid.  Journal of Fluid Mechanics 497, 235-252 (2003)  pdf

    1. Drop pinch-off and filament dynamics of wormlike micellar fluids.
      L. B. Smolka and A. Belmonte, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 115, 1-25 (2003)  pdf
    2. Dynamics inside polymer drops: from dimple to Rayleigh instability to torus.
      M. C. Sostarecz and A. Belmonte, Physics of Fluids 15, S5 (2003)  pdf
         - Winning entry, 2002 DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion
    3. Oscillations of a solid sphere falling through a wormlike micellar fluid.
      A. Jayaraman and A. Belmonte, Physical Review E 67, 65301[1-4] (2003)  pdf
    4. Surface folds during the penetration of a viscoelastic fluid by a sphere.
      T. Podgorski and A. Belmonte, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 460, 337-348 (2002)  pdf
    5. Monotone solutions of a nonautonomous differential equation for a sedimenting sphere.
      A. Belmonte, J. Jacobsen, and A. Jayaraman, Electronic Journal of Differential Equations 2001, No. 62, 1-17 (2001)  pdf
    6. Dynamic patterns and self-knotting of a driven hanging chain.
      A. Belmonte, M. J. Shelley, S. T. Eldakar*, and C. H. Wiggins, Physical Review Letters 87, 114301 (2001)  pdf
    7. Self-oscillations of a cusped bubble rising through a micellar solution.
      A. Belmonte, Rheologica Acta 39, 554-559 (2000)  pdf
    8. Wave initiation in the ferroin-catalysed Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction with visible light.
      R. Tóth, V. Gáspár, A. Belmonte, M. C. O'Connell*, A. Taylor, and S. K. Scott, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2, 413-416 (2000)  pdf

    9. Flutter and tumble in fluids.
      A. Belmonte and E. Moses, Physics World Magazine 12 (4), 21-25 (April 1999)  pdf
    10. Experimental study of Taylor's hypothesis in a turbulent soap film.
      A. Belmonte, B. Martin, and W. I. Goldburg, Physics of Fluids 12, 835-845 (1999)  pdf
    11. Velocity fluctuations in a turbulent soap film: The third moment in two dimensions.
      A. Belmonte, W. I. Goldburg, H. Kellay, M. Rutgers, B. Martin, and X-L. Wu, Physics of Fluids 11, 1196-1200 (1999)  pdf
    12. Optical fiber velocimetry: A technique for measuring velocity in two-dimensional flows.
      M. Rivera, A. Belmonte, W. I. Goldburg, X-L. Wu, and H. Kellay, Review of Scientific Instruments 69, 3215-3222 (1998)  pdf
    13. From Flutter to Tumble: Inertial Drag and Froude Similarity in Falling Paper.
      A. Belmonte, H. Eisenberg, and E. Moses, Physical Review Letters 81, 345-348 (1998)  pdf
    14. Dispersion Relation for Waves in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction.
      J.-M. Flesselles, A. Belmonte, V. Gáspár, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Transactions 94, 851-856 (1998)  pdf
    15. Experimental Survey of Spiral Dynamics in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction.
      A. Belmonte, Q. Ouyang, and J.-M. Flesselles, Journal de Physique II (France) 7, 1425-1468 (1997)  pdf
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    17. Experimental Determination of the Dispersion Relation for Spiral Waves.
      A. Belmonte and J.-M. Flesselles, Physical Review Letters 77, 1174-1177 (1996)  pdf
    18. Thermal signature of plumes in turbulent convection: The skewness of the derivative.
      A. Belmonte and A. Libchaber, Physical Review E 53, 4893-4898 (1996)  pdf
    19. Non-Steady Behaviour of a Spiral under a Constant Current.
      A. Belmonte and J.-M. Flesselles, Europhysics Letters 32, 267-272 (1995)  pdf
    20. Turbulence and internal waves in side-heated convection.
      A. Belmonte, A. Tilgner, and A. Libchaber, Physical Review E 51, 5681-5687 (1995)  pdf
    21. Temperature and velocity boundary layers in turbulent convection.
      A. Belmonte, A. Tilgner, and A. Libchaber, Physical Review E 50, 269-279 (1994)  pdf
    22. Boundary layer length scales in thermal turbulence.
      A. Belmonte, A. Tilgner, and A. Libchaber, Physical Review Letters 70, 4067-4070 (1993)  pdf
    23. Temperature and velocity profiles of turbulent convection in water.
      A. Tilgner, A. Belmonte, and A. Libchaber, Physical Review E 47, R2253-R2256 (1993)  pdf
    24. A direct-coupled detector for synchrotron X-radiation using a large format CCD.
      E. F. Eikenberry, M. W. Tate, A. Belmonte, J. L. Lowrance, D. Bilderback, and S. M. Gruner, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 38, 110-118 (1991)  pdf
    25. Trajectory Scaling Functions at the Onset of Chaos: Experimental Results.
      A. Belmonte*, M. J. Vinson, J. A. Glazier, G. H. Gunaratne, and B. G. Kenny, Physical Review Letters 61, 539-542 (1988)  pdf

       *denotes undergraduate author

    These publications are provided to the academic community for use in research and teaching. All copyrights remain with the appropriate parties as listed in the publications themselves.

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