MATH 580: Introduction to Applied Mathematics I

Penn State University,   Fall 2003

TR 9:45-11:00 AM

Course # 296764

Instructor: Professor Andrew Belmonte

Contact info: 302 McAllister Building, telephone: 865-2491, email:

Office hours: Monday 11-12, Thursday 11-12, and by appointment.

Class location: 102 McAllister Bldg.

Grader:   Mee Rea Park (

Prerequisites: Math 405 or equivalent.

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  Makeup class:   Tuesday 12/2, 6-7 PM in 115 McAllister Bldg  

  Course Syllabus     Problem Sets     Solutions now on reserve  
  at Math Library: PS 1 - 10, midterm  

The Course:

This graduate course will cover some of the basic techniques in applied mathematics that are not necessarily included in regular mathematics courses but are essential to the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, and other sciences. Its purpose is to introduce graduate students with diverse backgrounds to several of the fundamental ideas in applied mathematics, in order to prepare them for other graduate courses that involve the use of mathematical or computational techniques.

This two semester course is the result of a collaborative effort between several departments at Penn State. During the first semester an emphasis will be placed on the physical and mathematical notions of vectors and tensors, and also on the following unifying concepts:

Exam Schedule:

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