W. G. Pritchard Lab Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Mondays 3:30-4:30 PM
104 McAllister Building

Spring 2004

January 19th   Peter J. Butler
Department of Bioengineering
Penn State University
Mechanotransduction in endothelial cells:
at the interface of engineering and biology
February 2nd   Grigory Panasenko
Equipe d'Analyse Numérique
Université Jean Monnet de St. Etienne
St. Etienne, FRANCE
Homogenization of two-phase flow:
high contrast of phase permeability
February 16th   Andrew Belmonte
Department of Mathematics
Penn State University
Mathematics and fluid materials: from Euler to motor oil
March 15th   Li-San Wang
Department of Biology
University of Pennsylvania
Genome rearrangement phylogeny
April 19th   Neil Balmforth
Department of Mathematics
Dynamics of cooling viscoplastic fluids

Cosponsored Talks

MON 4/12  
  1:50 PM
102 McAllister
Andrew Vogel
Dept of Mathematics, Syracuse University
The Neumann problem in polyhedral domains
       (in the PDEs Seminar Series)

Past and future semesters

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This semester the Pritchard Lab Seminar is again sharing a time slot (even weeks of the semester) with the PDEs & Numerical Methods Seminar (odd weeks)

If you have a speaker to suggest for this series, please contact Andrew Belmonte at belmonte@math.psu.edu