W. G. Pritchard Lab Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Mondays 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM   106 McAllister Bldg

Fall 2006

September 11th   Amy Q. Shen
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Washington University
Hydrodynamics of complex fluids at small length-scales
   joint with PDEs/Numerics seminar
October 2nd   James F. Gilchrist
Dept of Chemical Engineering
Lehigh University
Competition between chaotic mixing and self-organization
from granular tumblers to microchannels
October 9th   George Kesidis
Dept of Electrical Engineering
Penn State University
Models of search and file acquisition in peer-to-peer systems   
October 16th   Charles R. Doering
Dept of Mathematics
University of Michigan
Twist & Shout: Maximal enstrophy production
in the 3D Navier-Stokes equations
October 30th   John S. Wettlaufer
Dept of Geophysics
Yale University
Halocline catastrophes and other such matters   
November 6th   Steven J. Schiff
Dept of Engineering Science & Mechanics /
Hershey Medical Center
Penn State University
Spatiotemporal pattern formation and control in the brain   
December 8th   Gareth H. McKinley
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Iterated stretching and multiple beads-on-a-string phenomena
in dilute solutions of flexible macromolecules

   joint with Applied Math seminar

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If you have a speaker to suggest for this series, please contact Andrew Belmonte at belmonte "at" math.psu.edu