W. G. Pritchard Lab Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Mondays 3:30-4:30 PM
103 Osmond Laboratory

Fall 2002

September 16th   Thomas Podgorski
Department of Mathematics
Penn State University
Surface Folds in Viscoelastic Fluids
September 30th   Thomas G. Mason
ExxonMobil Research
Rotational Brownian Motion of Optically Trapped Microdisks
October 7th   Milton W. Cole
Department of Physics
Penn State University
Wetting Transitions
October 28th   Leonid Berlyand
Department of Mathematics
Penn State University
Network approximation for highly packed fluid and solid composites
November 11th   Stephen Childress
Courant Institute, New York University
Transition from Ciliary to Flapping Mode in a Swimming Mollusc: a Bifurcation in Reynolds Number
December 9th  
Mon 4:00-5:00
in 317 Boucke
Ralph H. Colby
Dept. of Material Sci. / Eng.
Penn State University
Dielectric Measure of Polyelectrolyte Charge and Interaction with Water

Cosponsored Talks

MON 9/23, 
  4:00 PM
103 Osmond
Alexandre Madureira
LNCC, Brazil
Asymptotic Analysis and Modeling of PDEs in Domains with Wrinkled Boundaries
       (in the PDEs and Numerics Seminar Series)
MON 11/4, 
  3:30 PM
103 Osmond
Vladimir Mityushev
Instytut Matematyki, Poland
Method of functional equations for boundary value problems in complex geometries
       (in the PDEs and Numerics Seminar Series)

Past and future semesters

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This semester the Pritchard Lab Seminar is sharing a time slot with the PDEs & Numerical Methods Seminar
The two seminars will alternate approximately every other week.

If you have a speaker to suggest for this series, please contact Andrew Belmonte at belmonte@math.psu.edu