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    The Group

      "On mathematics all rational explanation of the universe depends"

        - Thierry De Chartres (b. ca.1100-d. ca.1155)
    Graduate Students

        Qichuan Bai, PhD student

        Russ deForest, PhD student

        Zahra Niroobakhsh, graduate student (MatSE)

    Postdoctoral Associates

        Sarah Michele Rajtmajer (PhD in Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia) - Postdoctoral Fellow

        Vishal Vasan (PhD in Applied Mathematics, Univ Washington) - Chowla Postdoctoral Fellow


        Hunter Rausch, Materials Sci & Enginerring major (Summer 2015 - )

        Matt Easton, Math major (Summer 2015 - ): Honors thesis

        Katrina Koch, Mathematics major (Spring 2015 - ): Summer 2015 REU student

        Qianru Zhu, Math & Econ major (Spring 2015 - ), Summer 2015 REU student


    Former Graduate Students

    Former Postdoctoral Associates

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