Lecture Schedule for Math 450,   Fall 2005

Week # Tues Thurs
1 1. Overview of modeling,
EXPT1: Diner straw
2. Discuss Diner Straw expt
2 3. Oscillators and restoring forces;
hydrostatic pressure
4. Diner Straw expt: Modeling and data comparison
3 5. ODE Review, Energy Method,
damping, viscosity
6. Simple pendulum; state variables, State Space
4 7. Phase plane and state space;
EXPT2: Walk / run transition
8. Nonlinear pendulum, Oscillation period
in the phase plane; energy method.
5 9. Comparison and discussion of
walk/run data
10. Viscous stress, surface tension; leg lengths and walking (discuss data)
6 11. Starting points in modeling: Law of Mass Action 12. Reaction kinetics; reduction of coupled ODE systems
7 13. Discussion of Projects; separation of timescales in ODE systems -

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