MATH 406
Advanced Calculus for Engineers / Scientists II

Penn State University,   Spring 2004

MWF 10:10-11:00 AM

Course # 271798

Instructor: Professor Andrew Belmonte

Contact info: 302 McAllister Building, telephone: 865-2491, email:

Office hours: Tues 11-12, Wed 1-2, and by appointment.

Class location: 169 Willard Bldg.

Grader:   Mee Rea Park (

Prerequisites: Math 405.

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The Course:

In this class we will talk about imaginary numbers, which are multiples of the square root of -1, and more generally complex numbers, which are combinations of real and imaginary numbers. As abstract as this may sound, it is quite important to a number of applications, including circuit theory, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, and signal processing, to name a few. Among the topics we will cover are: analytic functions, contour integration, sequences and series, residues, conformal mappings, and transforms.

The structure of the course will follow Chapters 12-16 (Part D) of the text. We will in particular focus on the calculus of functions of a single complex variable.

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