MikTeX announce from Babcock

from: "Bruce S. Babcock" babcock@math.psu.edu

For those running Windows 7, XP or Vista, the following TeX distribution (which includes MiKTeX-2.9, Emacs23, Auctex, PreView, GsView, and Aspell) allows you to run plain TeX, LaTeX, AMSTeX, AMSLaTeX, XeLaTeX and more.

Under the Emacs menu (Command) you have the following to pick from:

  • LaTeX
  • TeX
  • pdfLaTeX
  • pdfTeX
  • Dvipdfm
  • eTeX
  • XeLaTeX
  • AMSTeX
  • AMSLaTeX
  • View (runs the Yap viewer)
  • dviPS
  • ps2pdf
  • ps2pdf
  • Ghostview
  • Ghostviewpdf
  • BibTeX
  • Index
  • Check

    Under the menu option Tools, you can run

  • Spell Checking

    Under the menu option Preview (when working on a LaTeX file), you can run

  • Preview

    The TeX distribution can be found at the following:

    TeX, LaTeX, AMSTeX, AMSLaTeX for Windows 7, XP and Vista

    The homepage for MikTeX is http://http://www.miktex.org/.

    If you have any comments, suggestions, or encounter any problems do let me know.