Direction Field Plotter

This applet plots the direction field for the ODE

y' = f(t,y)

You may enter the function f(t,y) in the textfield indicated using usual mathematical notation (* for multiplication, ^ for exponentiation, etc).

Note that the independent and dependent variables must be t and y, respectively.

The number of arrows drawn in the t and y directions as well as the length of the arrows can be specified in the parameters Tsteps, Ysteps, Arrow Length. The meaning of the parameters Tmin, Tmax, Ymin, Ymax is the same as for the TI graphing calculator's graphics screen.

Click the RUN button to plot.

  • This program uses the parser written by Darius Bacon which is available at his web site. Please see his file on copying the parser code.

  • Run direction field plotter
  • Copyrighted under the GNU GPL